Pokemon GO: All the Mythical Pokemon That Still Aren't in the Game

Pokemon GO: All the Mythical Pokemon That Still Aren’t in the Game

Pokemon GO: All the Mythical Pokemon That Still Aren't in the Game

Pokemon GO: All the Mythical Pokemon That Still Aren’t in the Game

Pokemon GO attained Generation 6 December, releasing more Pokemon out on earth for coaches to accumulate. The Pokemon of the Kalos area are currently available, linking all the last generations. One of the common species, there is also the possibility of amassing legendaries and mythical Pokemon. Mythical Pokemon are so infrequent in-universe their presence at all is suspicious. Therefore it’s understandably very tough to grab them. Mythical Pokemon are usually made accessible in-game through particular events such as Particular Research jobs.

Each one of the mythical Pokemon from Kanto to Hoenn is now in the match. However, some mythical Pokemon out of Sinnoh and Unova are now missing. Since Kalos is fresh to the sport, it will probably be some time before its legendary Pokemon appear at Pokemon GO. After the more recent productions start to appear, their legends and myths will probably follow.

Unreleased Pokemon

Sinnoh has five distinct epic Pokemon, but just one, Darkrai, has emerged in Pokemon GO. The area of Unova is currently home to four distinct mythical Pokemon. Victini and Genesect were made accessible in Pokemon GO this past year, but you will find just two legendary Pokemon who have not appeared in the sport just yet. The missing legendary Pokemon from such areas have versions and sports info assembled, so they should be coming shortly. They will probably be published through particular events in-game.


  • Shaymin, a Grass-type that can change into Sky form, which makes it Grass/Flying.
  • Arceus, who is considered the “God” Pokemon, existing long before life itself. Its main form is the Normal type, but it is capable of changing form into any type.
  • Phone, a pure Water-type.
  • Manaphy, also a pure Water-type. Phone and Manaphy are the Sea Guardians and are often together as a duo.
  • Keldeo, a Water/Fighting Pokemon. It has its ordinary form and the Resolute form.
  • Meloetta, a Pokemon that can change its typing with its form. The Aria form is Normal/Psychic, and the Pirouette form is Normal/Fighting.

Upcoming Pokemon

The list of regular Pokemon in Pokemon GO is on Generation 6, and mythical Pokemon from the previous two generations are still waiting to be added. So it’s likely to be a long wait for future generations’ mythical Pokemon. For now, players can only speculate what these Pokemon will look like in-game and what their mechanics will be.

  • Diancie, a Rock/Fairy Pokemon who is currently the only mythical Pokemon able to Mega Evolve.
  • Hoopa, whose typing depends on its form. Confined Hoopa is Psychic/Ghost, and Unbound Hoopa is Psychic/Dark.
  • Volcanion, a Fire/Water-type.
  • Magearna, a Steel/Fairy type.
  • Marshadow, a Fighting/Ghost-type.
  • Zeraora, a pure Electric-type.
  • Zapruder is the newest mythical Pokemon. It was officially revealed last February. It is a Dark/Grass-type.

Considering how elusive mythical Pokemon are in-universe and how difficult they are to acquire in-game, mythical Pokemon are a special entry in any player’s Pokedex. Pokemon GO players can look forward to future special events that will make these elusive species available to dedicated trainers.

Pokemon GO: All the Mythical Pokemon That Still Aren’t in the Game
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