Moving Upward

Pedicures Vital for sporting transparent coaches like Acne’s N3W. Feet are fashion.

Teasylighting The brand new balayage for baldness. Highlights in the origins which look great at a ponytail.
Hands-on. Photograph: Oscar Chang Anderson

Finger painting As shown to mesmerising effect by Amoako Boafo in Dior men’s SS21 movie.

Red and Dark The method to pay tribute to Kraftwerk’s Florian Schneider if You Go to Digital in London’s newly reopened Design Museum. Synthesiser was optional.

Mouchette Bell New version to notice awake. Bell — a version from the 80s — has returned to trend. Watch her in pictures for much more and Whistles.

Going down

‘Fundamental’ Replace “routine” — watch Dominique Jackson about the board of vogueing show Legendary.

Ice-cream trucks suck 99s on the street corner. US firm DS & Durga have trucks travelling about New York serving sweet cologne.

Wayfarers Update your sunnies the summer by going hexagonal.

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Get fit. Photograph: Alamy

Rope sandals adore the appearance of that summer’s fave apparel. Not too much that the ouchy rope burn

Squalene, respectively Post-pandemic attractiveness is all about first aid kit favourites like iodine. Prepare for the bite.

Weather program chats an extremely dull byproduct of a summertime of staycations.

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