5 Times Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone set fashion trends by dressing EXACTLY like each other

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja has been known for her deep-rooted understanding in vogue. She has always been at the top of her game regarding trends, fashions, silhouettes, and much more. Very has got the actress gone wrong with her outfits in the eye.

Deepika Padukone switched her up fashion game a while back when Sonam recommended she get a better stylist on Koffee with Karan! Since that time, there’s been no stopping the bombshell that has been putting look after appearance and is now considered one of the actresses’ in the business. When both Sonam and Deepika wear a specific outfit, style, or shape, you know it is bound to be a massive trend. Have a peek at all of the times the divas set the floor for fashion by kickstarting trends and wearing similar outfits.

To Market Neerja, Sonam was chosen by Anamika Khanna for a colorful embroidered kurta. It bore a high neck and a slit that went up to her waist. For those promotions of Tamasha, Deepika Padukone chosen to get an identical outfit by Anamika Khanna but styled it differently and gave the cultural business a casual twist in blue jeans.

Sonam picked for an oversize shirt with matching culottes and tan shoes, she styled. Deepika wore exactly the top while for an award series at Madrid and wrapped it in a fun way, with white shorts under. While Sonam dragged her hair up for a chic look, DP styled hers into voluminous waves for a more glam look. The two Sonam and Deepika wore the crop top and flared pants by the plan and just shifted their shrugs! Sonam’s black one bore an embroidered collar and ruffles along the front. Deepika’s, on the other hand, delivered exaggerated pleats and gathers at the shoulders, which makes for a dramatic look.

Record Pants are never a bad idea, and it’s yet another matter both the actresses agreed upon. Sonam picked shrug and fitting pants that she wore with a crop top and went out. Deepika kept it easy and wore her paper tote gold pants with a comfortable tank top.

Pantsuits are never a bad idea. But bold, bright colored ones can be complicated to pull off. Sonam Kapoor has worn ones and enjoys her pantsuit.